I hope I can become a voice for all cancers and all patients.

Kathy Giusti

Here at Hope Against Cancer we are committed to providing funding for cancer patients & projects and supporting clinical trials in India

Cancer is more than a clinic. We’re a community.

As a community, our priority is about you more than it’s about us. We know that facing a cancer diagnosis is scary to say the least, and our 200+ strong team is committed to supporting and empowering you through every step of this journey.


The Hope Against Cancer Mission is founded on a continued pursuit of our core values rooted in HOPE:

Holistic Focus

Our dedication to treating the mind, body, and spirit of each individual targets cancer at its core, addressing emotional, mental, and physical roots. We treat the person with cancer, not the cancer in a person.

Positive Energy

We passionately and actively foster an environment of hope rather than despair. We encourage kindness over officiousness; empowerment over helplessness. We celebrate today, we do not fear tomorrow.

Everlasting Impact

At the heart of Hope Against Cancer is our desire to create and cultivate a lifelong community – connecting patients, survivors, loved ones, and staff. Here, we are not defined by doctorates or diseases. We are family.